Well that sorta sucks

Well, I just discovered some physical reasons not to work as a tech: small, confined spaces in which my spine must bend in ways it REALLY is not keen on doing.

And yet, I’m rather clever with this stuff. I have a passion and a gift for tech, even if neither exactly funnel into a form I can channel to make me study up faster. Given the brevity of a certification, the competitiveness of the industry, and the odd demands of my spine, I have decided to continue learning this at college as a minor, but major in something else. No matter what, everyone should learn computers. It makes you more independent, and it will save you money from rip-offs and charlatans like the Geek Squad.

That said, the path of a professional techie is not for me. I’m both a little relieved and saddened by this. It seemed like it would make such a nice fit when I began pursuing it, but the path has too many twists and turns. I can’t see where I’m going or where I can plausibly get to.

As a result, I will continue my studies elsewhere, but they will no longer be a focus.

They are nice skills to have though.


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