The Dancer

Dancing on the edge of life

Weaving back and forth

She dances for all her soul is worth

She dances in the midst of strife.


People watch her as she does

they wonder how she can

The truth is that there is no plan

She dances just because.


All her worry, all her pain

All her grief and sadness

All her anger and her madness

It feeds the dance with purpose plain.


She dances because her heart is bent

She dances because she must

A fragiler soul might turn to dust

So she dances so she can vent


Many people will vainly fight

Others will deign to cry

It does not do to ask them why

But this one girl looks for the light


An impossible light, a happy light

In a world that’s come to tears

She’s seen the grief of all the years

And now she dances to make it right.


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