My, but those Liberal Arts are looking mighty fine right about now!

Ok. Ok. Yeah. I don’t blog quite like I used to.

You know what that means.

Updates across all 3 of my blogs in a short span. With this, my blogging to-do list is finally resolved.

I’ve been working with Binary and Hexidecimal all week, and I may have roasted a PC power supply by connecting something incorrectly. One of my jokes was ill-recieved and landed me in the supervisor’s office for 20 minutes of discomfort. This has been a horrid week and I am ready for it to be done and over with.

I’m looking at buying a Chromebook as a supplement to a more beefy computer later in the year; it’d be nice to have something small, light, and cheap to work on while keeping more expensive gear at home; if I got an Acer C7, I’d just write Ubuntu onto it and call it a day. Can’t do that with the Samsung model (not as easily, anyway) But then again… run it off an SD card maybe? Yeah. Sure. Okay. Problem solved, dilemma over.

Sammy gets more of my hard earned cash.

24 in a month. Where is my life vanishing to? COME BACK YOU JACKASS.


Guess I should clean up me workstation. Heading HOME-home in an hour. Be nice to leave a clean station behind me.

…Do I have to come back to Job Corps next week?


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