Alice and the Prince

Little Alice kept travelling across Wonderland;
She was a while gone, with no travels bland.
Alice delighted in all manners manner of buzz,
For a clean slate is as a clean slate does.

Before long, she encountered a Prince.
As funny a figure as she’d seen since
The Prince was a Lady, yet a coxcomb dressed toe to head
Alice puzzled, and thought she might continue on instead.

While little Alice sat and had a think
The Prince looked up with a great big blink
“Oh my dear Alice! I knew you’d come!
Now that you’re here, we can have such fun!

We will have tea, biscuits, and cakes
I have also lovely parties to make!
Oh Alice, I do hope you see
what your visit means to me!

It was all so boring here, day after day
And yet now here you are, heading my way!
Please excuse the clothes, and the person within;
I seem to have found my-self lost in a bin.

Where I am, I don’t properly know
But now you’re here, and rightly so!
Perhaps you can help me look, Alice dear!
With an extra pair of eyes, I need not fear!”

Alice chuckled and waved like a good sport.
Odd as the Prince was, she seemed a fun-loving sort.
So she pranced up to the Prince and said hello;
For she saw they both had a long way to go.

Once again, all featured works here are my creations. Use with express written permission ONLY! If you want to use these, ask. The answer will likely be yes. I do not demand royalties or payment, merely credit where credit is due.


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