Alice and the Face

Alice continued her walk
But then she met a face that talked.
It sat lonely upon a tree
And yelled at Alice about her vanity.

“That Queen is bad news!” So the face said
“Her whims will find you more than quite dead!
She wants to make you un-Alice,
Someone filled to the brim with malice!”

Alice had heard this song before,
So now she found the Face a bore.
For her Queen was always harsh yet kind.
A flawed yet wonderful ruler in Alice’s mind.

For the Queen kept a true and tidy house,
Everything had a place, even a mouse.
A place for everyone and everyone in their place,
The Queen had no desire or need for unused space.

“Alice!” The Face called,
“Leave Wonderland before you fall!”
Alice huffed, “I will never do such a thing!
I can pick myself up like a grown human being!”

The Face then asked “But would you do it?”
Stand up when you fall? Or perhaps merely a childish fit?”
“Your words offend me, old friend,
Perhaps you’d rather I share your end?”

The Face looked down, “Alice, you know that is not so.
I tell you these things so you may grow.”
“Into what?” Alice asked petulantly,
“One day to find myself everything but the self I’d chosen for me?

To find myself afflicted with a dull name,
Imprisoned by losing society’s game?
You cannot know what I need to be,
After all, you are just a watching face in a tree.”

“I do watch, you are right about that!”
And the face swirled around to become the Cheshire Cat!
“So dear Alice, I ask you what you see.
Am I still JUST a face in a tree?

The things I’ve seen, the things I’ve done…
I say the game cannot be won.
We play it as best we can
We do our best to play our plan.

Can you truly play the game and win?
Perhaps something’s wrong with that adorable noggin?
Time will tell, and we will see.
The choice is yours who you want to be.”

“I wish just to be Alice.
It’s not about gold or the Queen’s palace.
Alice is me, and I am she.
When I am here, I am truly free.”

“I see that well,” said the Cat,
“Make no mistake, I understand that.
I am no expert, I do not shrink.
So perhaps you should sit and have a good think.”

“I have thought and I have tried.
But when I’m not Alice, I feel like I’ve died.
A name is rather like a mirror, you see,
It can only reflect the proper me.

So I will be Alice, as I have been.
I have longed to be Alice before I was ten.
I hold you dear, little Cheshire Cat,
But you will not sway me; please understand that.”

The Cheshire Cat winked and smiled.
“You are determined, so we’ll speak in a while.
As the Great Man said, all the world’s a stage.”
The Cat left Alice with that as he chose to fade.

Alice gave an angry huff, “Well how about that!
I’d have expected little else from that cryptic old cat!”
And then little Alice wrung her hands
And continued her walk through Wonderland.

Once again, all featured works here are my creations. Use with express written permission ONLY! If you want to use these, ask. The answer will likely be yes. I do not demand royalties or payment, merely credit where credit is due.


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