Alice and the Queen

“The timing is wrong!” the Rabbit cried,
“Never here nor there! Never on time!
Should I be late again, I will surely die!”
Alice sensed the Rabbit’s turn on a dime.

As Alice looked up from her tea,
She asked “You say you will die; whatever for?”
The Rabbit cried “The Queen’ll execute me!”
No more tea: Alice urged him through the door.

All through Wonderland the pair went
Alice tried to guide the Rabbit, though he ran from his doom,
When at last Alice came upon the Queen’s tent
A charming party was inside, with extra room.

Alice approached the Queen, blushing a bit.
The Queen was lovely, and drank her wine.
“I’m sorry Miss,” Alice said, “I lost your rabbit.”
“Nonsense Alice!” She smiled, “You’re exactly on time!”

The Queen took Alice, and stroked her head
“A Rabbit, you say? Can’t say I have one.
I’m glad you’re here. Being without is something I dread.”
Alice protested “But I watched him run!”

The Queen bade Alice silent and took her hand
“In this place, what is may not be what you see.
What did you see as you ran across Wonderland?”
And then Alice knew: She was the Rabbit and the Rabbit was she!


Once again, all featured works here are my creations. Use with express written permission ONLY! If you want to use these, ask. The answer will likely be yes. I do not demand royalties or payment, merely credit where credit is due.


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