Wondrous Radiation

Let me not be called but a selfish soul,
‘Tis naught but the fact of my human being,
Yet dreams of glory linger, a lofty goal;
My works hitherto concerned my lonely singing, 
Yet truthfully they are not merely me;
All the body of my selfish songs
Songs from one, of one, finally flow free.
When my song is sung to friends, beloved wronged, 
Have it said that from selfishness was made Care,
From cold and dark, born a dim but steady glow. 
The fire that warms the soul longing to be shared
As the ice of misery that rules imprisons the heart so.
This truth should be held in evidence, eternal perpetuation:
Warmth does thaw the ice, and does so by radiation.

Once again, all featured works here are my creations. Use with express written permission ONLY! If you want to use these, ask. The answer will likely be yes. I do not demand royalties or payment, merely credit where credit is due.


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