…I couldn’t stop writing them…

Simple silver gift
Two hands embrace all of time
A cherished chain binds

Luminous ribbons dance
A sky filled with nothing else
Guide the dead back home

Afterlife’s promise
Mortality’s happiness
Choose, conflicted heart

Delicate snow falls
Dark heavenly seas ring truth
a rain of feathers

The difficult life
Failure ambushes weakness
The strong sword unbroken

A black leafed tree blinks
Little sounds heard in the leaves
Ravens flood the air.

After that, they took a turn for the geeky with a bout of Avengers themed haiku.

A team of heroes
Six names are to their number
And there’s also Phil

A man out of time
Who hears of Flying Monkeys
Got that reference

Man always recast
You don’t like him when he’s mad
Stop giving him cause

Brother threatens Earth
Sibling’s wrath strikes hard and fast
He shouts: “HAMMER TIME!”

Sports an awesome beard
He loves his suits and bottle


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