Yeah I haven’t been updating much.

I apologize. I haven’t found time to do much of my usual activities over Winter Break.

Because…. Winter Break. Fun stuff. And I got sick, but enough about that.

Long story short, I will be back to updating my two primary blogs (here and Spirit) regularly when I get back to Job Corps this week, which should be quite a week, though I’m anticipating for all the wrong reasons;  that’s how academics weeks tend to go, after all. I’m a little behind on my schedule, but I can get back on top of it myself.

NO NEED TO REMIND ME GINA. I CAN DO THIS MYSELF. I’M A BIG BOY, THANK YOU. Kindly shut the hell up and pester someone else for a while.

…where the hell did they find her? I’m 23. She manages me like I’m 15, and seems to expect no better from me. Criminy. Honestly, she’s the biggest outward threat to finishing the program I can find. Obviously the biggest threat is me, but I can master myself. I’m not so sure about doing the same for her.

I digress. Laundry, then I get to go see The Hobbit. And then go SHOPPING!

Later this week, blogs return to more regular updates! YAY!

Gods bless!


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