Never running away, only dancing

Freyja has blessed my life time and time again in recent months.

Now I find an oath tested, and a love more distantly spirited. However, as with Vanafridr, I will not seek an escape from transient discomfort. I know my Keeper is like me and feels very strongly about everything; I will endure the dynamic I have consented to. She is sometimes difficult for me to read, but I have not been hers like this for very long.
She has mostly taken me by surprise with how vigorously she applies the new dynamic; I am not hurt or pushed, merely asked to hit the ground running, and I did so less than entirely gracefully. In her keeping, I will not run. Not yet. It would be a coward’s move to do so.
Instead, I will learn to dance on my toes, as it were. I will learn how to dance to her songs, rather than leave over a few stumbles.


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