This is the day

I’m feeling better but I think that I won’t be cured for a while.I was fortunate and blessed enough to have the support of a large group of friends and loved ones who were willing to let me pour my heart out to them and keep listening, until I had nothing left to pour. I can only hope she also had someone like that.

There are still so many apologies I want to make: I should have been more honest, I should have called things off when I realized it would only end in pain, and that I should have realized it sooner.

But Frigga approached me in a dream last night. She told me to be brave. She told me that pain passes in time, and all I had to do was work through it, and let my allies help me up when I fell.

Now that I’m finally honest with myself, I can finally bring myself to obey her simplest advice. She and Freyja know I never once wanted to hurt anybody, and so I will trust them to watch over the people I’ve hurt.

Hail Frigga. Hail Freyja.

Walk onwards, not backwards.


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