I want the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary season to have a companion from 1963. It would be an awesome shout out to the history of the show, and would also help get the show out of this rut of 21st century companions we’ve been having since Eccleston.

Furthermore, I have a brilliant idea for the actual 50th anniversary special.

One: make it a two hour event.



But what’s this? Hartnell, Troughton, and Pertwee are no longer with us, you say?

Silly Whovian. Don’t you know that time is VERY WIBBLY WOBBLY?

Recasts are possible, and sadly required.

The First Doctor should be played by David Warner in what I think is the most brilliant recast in TV history. The Second should be portrayed in an older post-Two-Doctors version by David Troughton, and Three should be picked up by Sean Pertwee with makeup to make him older.

Tom, Peter, Colin, and Sylvester would all be made a bit younger with makeup and some computer effects, and Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith would all appear as-is.

For companions, we’d have to have a best-of.

One would have Susan, of course.

Two would have Jamie

Three would be accompanied by none other than Jo Grant.

Four would have K-9 and Leela (unless a way could be found to include Romana II)’

Five would have Nyssa and Tegan.

Six would be accompanied by Peri by default, but Evelyn Smythe from Big Finish would be preferred.

Seven would have Ace, because seriously, who the hell else?

Eight would be accompanied by Izzy Sinclair or (preferably) Tamsin Drew.

Nine would be with Captain Jack and Rose. In that order. I hate Rose.

Ten would have Martha Jones alongside him for the ride.

Eleven would have River Song and aforementioned 1963 companion.

BOOM. 11 Doctors. 2 Hours. All epicness.

The enemy? A Delgado-esque Master. With rubbish beard. And Daleks.

Okay Moff. I have given you what you need. Now make it happen.


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