So this is where we’re headed…

Work on my book continues at a much faster pace now that I’ve been recharged by reading Dangerous. I was in a creative funk before but not anymore.

Lexine kind of just jumped on board and hijacked the whole story, cackling madly as she did so. Poor Colin and Ariel are hanging on as best as they can while the story is determined by Lexine’s wild and chaotic whims.  Some scenes are crossing over into softcore porn though, and since I’m aiming for a slightly older version of a YA audience, I may have to give Lex a stern talking to. Of course, if I just marketed it as a more adult-ish novel, I could theoretically give Lexine carte blanche and just watch the chaos unfold. I like watching chaos…

I also like tormenting the happy couple of Colin and Ariel (well, they’re not THAT happy. Well, Colin’s not), so I may just let Lexine run wild with the story a little further and see where she takes things. It won’t be good (for anybody else) but it’ll be interesting!

By the way, young, aspiring writers, if you’re ever having trouble with writer’s block, remember this sage advice from my sister: Don’t get it right, get it written!  Ask your characters where they’d like to take the story. Let them drive for a bit. If they’re well developed in your mind, this will be no trouble at all. In fact, you may have trouble getting them to stop writing.

You can always edit later.

Get it written, THEN get it right!


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