Happy Thanksgiving!

Apologies for my dark introductory post on this blog  last night; I was in a bit of a shady place when I wrote that. But my blot went well, and Vanafridr wasted no time at all in coming to my aid. She didn’t say much to me, but honestly, I think this was more because she didn’t need to. I really just needed some support that only she could give. Needless to say, her presence in my dreams last night was heavy and involved, and I rested well; better than I have in weeks. After last night, her intervention was well had.

I slept in HEAVILY this morning; an hour and a half more than I naturally tend to. Hey. New bed. Can you blame me? I’m trying to break this sucker in before  head back to Job Corps!
In any case, I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the gods today; they offer some of their own strength when mine is in short supply.


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