Another year, another curiously timed BrAngelina breakup

​Curious how Brad and Angelina break up [AGAIN] just as:

-Hillary’s campaign is at its most vulnerable point since Bernie was at his height.

-Gary Johnson is making huge gains with the independents Hillary was courting.

-The Trump campaign is smelling blood in the water and circling the Clintons like hungry sharks.

-Standing Rock’s big protest continues and was just starting to be addressed in the news.

-word of two major oil spills in a 7 day span began to trickle to even the most uninformed.

-Solid evidence was emerging that 9/11 was a controlled demolition.

-The situation in Syria escalates in a way which paints the US government in an unfavorable light.

-racial segregation is returning to our universities for the first time since Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

But no, I’m sure Brad and Angelina are really having trouble and will never get back together like the last six and a half dozen times they called it quits forever.

They’re ACTORS. Some of the best in the business. They’re acting a part. What, Actors are truthful the second they set foot off the set? Please.

Stay classy America.

Some quick thoughts on the “PS4 Pro”

​Well, thank you Sony for justifying my switch to the Glorious Golden PC Gaming Master Race, with additional slumming it in Xbox Land.

The whole PS4 hardware gen has been one long irritating disappointment for me with inconsistent levels of control over auto updates (which has cost me money in wifi overages), network issues, price spikes of Playstation Plus, and all with nothing seriously good to show for it.

Xbox by comparison has done so much right this gen.

Boy, what a reversal of the pre-release hype and scandal this gen turned out to be.

Also: it doesn’t even do 4k natively? The shit, Sony?


For shame, Sony.

I guess you really do just have failure ingrained in your DNA now. First PCs, then TVs, then tablets, then phones, and now PlayStation. I guess there really isn’t a single failure you won’t run with scissors straight into these days.

How far you have fallen.

Premium is a bullshit descriptor

When it comes to phones anyway.

It’s kind of sad, but despite all the OEMs saying that a metal build (or even more horrific, a GLASS BACK PANEL!) feels the most “premium”, I still find myself wistfully holding my first gen LG Nexus 5 and first gen Moto X and acknowledging that these phones were the best feeling devices I’ve ever held. The first gen Nexus 5’s shape is still the coolest in my opinion: straight sides and that subtle science fiction curve at either end of the device is just classic and ageless. There’s a reason that shape is still used by so many app advertisements (the only shape used more frequently is that of the iPhone).

Granted, I don’t think that should be the shape of every Android phone, but in an age when many phones still boil down to “screen on a black or white slab”, I think we could stand to make that slab a little more eye catching.

And it and the 2013 Moto X were both made of plastic yet are some of the most comfortable devices to hold, and never once felt cheap. I think that skewers the present ideal among manufacturers about what “premium devices” should feel like (lots of glass and/or metal. Gods help you if you drop it onto a sidewalk and permanently get a jagged scuff on the metal or crack the back glass panel — something I have seen happen to a LOT of iPhones over the years). Plastic takes a drop better, and the 2013 Moto X had a metal frame BENEATH said plastic for extra rigidity, and mine has taken countless dives with only some minor scratches on the corners to show for it.

I think we ought to redefine what a “premium” feel means, and I think the secret to that lies in phones made in 2013.

One Light Caravan

Pushing through the dark
Three beams pierce through blackened White.
A silver crescent shimmers overhead
while constant whispers follow sleepy travelers.
The air screams bitter cold to no avail
The occupants do not notice.
Soon, the sun will rise
Mountains will fight it but fail to stop the light.
But for now, darkness keeps its hold.
Undeterred, the drivers push forward.
One light remains for each
The broken brother sitting opposite
Driving in single file down the road
Relentless and dogged
The one light caravan glides through the North.

The Fading Queen

Her words are beyond me.
Her simple voice itself a song.
Her movements still full of grace,
Casting flower petals as she goes.
I understand her so little
And yet still so very much.

She, a Springtime Queen in the midst of Autumn,
Yet no one has told her.
So she keeps on singing
Her marvelous songs,
Words I cannot comprehend,
Hers, a gentle voice full of hope.

No one has told her her realm is ending
No one has told her she is fading
The world has sold her place
It has no need for her magic
And no one has told the world:
“Those with no place for magic need it the most.”
So, I tell the Fading Queen:

“Remain Springtime.

Weave words,
Prove the world wrong.
Springtime only ends when your song does.
You will always have an audience in me.”